Friday, June 18, 2010

today we celebrate the fact we have been parents for 17 years!!!

A cake with 17 candles
for the best daughter we could wish for

I kid you not
this kid is awesome!

Take heart any of you who are struggling
This kid was DIFFICULT
Her tantrums were LEGENDARY!

She was HARD WORK!

but she has grown into the loveliest human
we are so grateful to God
for her!

We made one of her dreams come true today
and hired a
for a couple of hours!

Happy Birthday Christina Elizabeth
You are greatly loved


  1. Well done you Deb and congrats to the now lovely one!!

  2. happy birthday to your eldest! she has absolutely gorgeous hair, i've got hair envy here :)

  3. My daughter is 19, are daughters not wonderful, cheers Marie

  4. Congrats and Happy Birthday! So pleased you managed to get the car, and in true Cantab colours too

  5. happy happy birthday...she is so beautiful Deb. it is good to know that even when they are hard there is light at the end of the tunnel. that smart car is so cute!

  6. Happy Birthday Christina. She is a beautiful girl. Time flies doesn't it. My daughter has blessed me with 3 grandchildren.


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