Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wet wintery weekends are best for...

Meeting crafty friends for coffee

The lovely and talented Miriam making finger puppets

Basically just hanging around!

Some intense sewing concentration...

I'm writing a tutorial for my neice Sarah
for this cool bag
which I hope I can share with you later
(if the pictures aren't too terrible!!)

By the way...
thanks so much for all the giveaway love!
Plenty of time still to enter here
to win this quilt...

This time I'm not going to reply to all your comments
sorry, please don't hate me!
But I do really really appreciate them :)


  1. love that bag...where did you get the material...gorgeous...mmm...i want a coffee!!!that one looks soooooooo

  2. Is that a capuccino? Looks yummy. lol This post just made me realize that I don't think my sister and I have been out on a Sunday afternoon for coffee since her birthday in April! We must fix that soon. :)


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