Thursday, July 29, 2010

Embrace the Camera...

Here's a picture for this week,
I haven't been playing for a few weeks.
My big girl is sick,
My little girl is sick
My little boy is sick.
where are you?
Hurry, please.
I made Annie a dress today
while she was sleeping.
I used this tutorial.
Thanks Ginger, it works awesomely.
(I made it from polycotton)


  1. Ugh, I wish I could send a little summer your way right now. I know you'd reciprocate in February when I'm at the end of my patience with winter.

    Hope everyone is feeling a little better soon.

  2. so sad that everyone is sick...hope you stay well. that dress is so adorable.

  3. Hope your kids feel better soon. Here in my neck of the woods we are ready for Fall. July has been upper 90's. Now they say August is going to be hotter.

  4. sorry to hear the kids are a bit crook - am sending you waves of sunshine from this side of the planet! xxx
    p.s Chrissy's hair is so beautiful!!

  5. And I thought I was bad coming home with 9 items across 3 days from our pharmacy! Hope you're all feeling better soon


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