Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love to buy new fabrics...

I went to Bolt of Cloth to buy some fabrics for the necklaces for presents. Oh I love that shop, the fabrics are so amazing, really they are. I brought the four on the left for making necklaces and the one on the right to make some ipod cases. I spent about $45 dollars for 14 christmas presents.

Annie is so sick with a cold or something and maybe teeth, yesterday she went to sleep while I was holding her, so I sat there for two hours making necklaces! I'll show you Sunday.

Chrissy used up all our broadband and dial-up is TERRIBLE so one-picture-posts till the end of the month!!


  1. Poor Annie, hope she comes right soon. And bugger about the net speed, at least the end of the month isn't too far away

  2. just love love love annie gets better soon...i tell you what...i will be so glad when winter is over!!!!xx

  3. Hi there! I hope Annie gets better soon. In the meantime, lots of necklaces will get done, righ? I love the colourful spots fabrics, i want some of that too!!!

  4. i love the looking and the hunt for the perfect fabrics....these are gorgeous!!! you are so talented...holding a baby and crafting at the same time, NICE!!

  5. They are VERY NICE! I would love to be buying more fabrics, but most of what I am doing right now involves yarn, so that is what I usually end up with!


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