Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm happy...

We spent the weekend working our butts off cleaning our cottage at Coalgate which is going to be rented for six months. The happy thing is that we are renting it completely furnished to a Canadian family who are going to try out New Zealand living for six months.
I was tidying up one corner and found my basket of jelly moulds and persuaded David that they needed to be hung up. {Actually I blackmailed him, I said if I couldn't hang them there I'd take them home and hang them on his precious white wall paper wall, lol}
So even though I won't get to enjoy them, I do hope our tenants will love them as much as I do. Aren't they perfect?? I must be the only "Landlandy" who makes the place lovely for her tenants. I've almost finished a bunch of cushions for them, because I wanted to have a maple leaf or two for them to enjoy. I must say the maple leaf is a most attractive emblem, it makes me wish I was Canadian.


  1. you are so sweet to make it beautiful for them. those jelly molds looks so pretty on the wall. i love a collection

  2. Yes, you are sweet doing for your tenents. If Mr. Wonderful and I ever get to New Zealand, we just may call you LOL

    Blessings, Jilly

  3. I had no idea you have a cottage you rent out. Makes me think I need an extended vacation in New Zealand.

    And you must be the world's nicest landlady. Seriously.

  4. I'm betting the warm welcome they get will be a big part of how much they'll love NZ. Canadians usually do :) The only problem with the maple leaf is that it's a bugger to draw, I don't know a single Canadian who can do a good one. At least with a kiwi you can kind of fudge it a bit and it looks decent.

  5. it is lovely to hear the effort you have put in to make the Canadians feel welcome. Love what you have done with the moulds.


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