Saturday, July 3, 2010

In which I ramble...

Today has been one of those days...
it started with Cupcakes for Breakfast
for Chrissy
Had a little play in the sun,
(and a lot of driving around in the car)

Meals were cooked and eaten
I got some groceries and some supplies from Spotlight.
I got some backing stuff to put on the back of those t-shirts
I'm going to decorate for Christmas
and these lovely threads for some hand quilting.
This was our dining table at one stage today
yes that is shoes and paint pot and plaster on the table cloth [sigh]
I did eventually get this kitchen tidy
can you believe how much mess there was in here?
How does it happen??
I did not get one bit of the sewing I was supposed to be doing done today,
although I did work on a teepee for Reuben that I promised
him for the holidays.
Tomorrow the Tour begins!
Hope your weekend is going well....


  1. Love the mess! How does it happen? School holidays are always worse too. You had such a productive saturday :-)

  2. i love shots of real life....somehow my house grows a mess on its own. no matter if i clean it

  3. thank you for showing the "before cleaning" pics of your kitchen - helps me feel better about my own! Hope you're feeling better after your "PJs day"!


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