Saturday, July 17, 2010

a Present a Week {till christmas} Week 2...

Another present off my list, hurray!
Doesn't it feel great?
I made Reuben these pj's
which I'm inordinately proud of!!

They turned out very professional looking.

And the maze turned out just as I imagined!
Unfortunately the next week's present is the same
as I'm making three pairs of these!

And the winner of this gorgeous fabric is Holly
who made this adorable elf!!
Oh my goodness I LOVE HIM!!
Send me your address Holly
(Holly thought she missed out but my Random Org
aka Chrissy picked number 6!!)

Do visit the other blogs and get some ideas
there's some cool stuff being made...


  1. omg that elf is so adorable! I might have to make the long drive out to my cousin's to collect some pinecones sometime - I remember the last time we went on an expedition. We had alot of fun even though some of the gumboots had holes and we could feel the mud oozing in - yes I'm a real townie lol

  2. Love that elf! You are really flying along on those Christmas gifts! Good for you!

  3. what a great idea...i realy should start now...with all the babies to make for now its going to be

  4. can't wait to see what my present is :-) thanks mum best way to see what i get for Christmas :-) <3

  5. Those pj's do look store bought! Great job on them. The elf is adorable too!

  6. congrats to the winner...that is an adorable little elfin man!

  7. Yay! I'm so excited to be participating in this challenge, and to have won the very first week! Maybe I will use my new fabric to make another gift!

  8. LOVE the PJs! Hoping to link up soon!


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