Saturday, July 10, 2010

a Present a Week {till Christmas} Week One!

Today I made three tutus and embroidered a tshirt to go with one of them. So that's actually two presents off my list. Hurray! The no-sew tutu is super easy to make. Most of the tutorials I looked at used heaps of tule, but I used 4 metres and made 3 tutus which was pretty economical.
First I cut all the tule into about 2-3 inch wide strips.
Then I cut each strip in half and fish-tailed it
(you know, fold it in half at the ends and cut on the diagonal
to make a v in the end)

You join the elastic and then put it over the chair
and tie all the tule on.
I used two colours which make very pretty tutus I think.

See? I love it! Then I wanted to make a tshirt to go with it.
So I got a picture of ballet slippers from Goggle Images
and went over it with my heat transfer pencil
(I love that thing)

I put some light interfacing on the back to stabalise it
and embroidered it with a very simple stem stitch.

I'm so happy with how these turned out.
I'm going to make some for boy pjs this week using
this maze.

Now for the prize for this week...
half a metre of this lovely fabric Giraffe Garden!

How to win?
Write a blog post with a picture of the present you have finished this week
and leave a comment with the link
(if there's enough of you I'll put McLinky up next week!)
You don't have to post every week
just do it when you can... every little bit helps right?
But the weeks you join, you will be in the draw for the 1/2 metre of fabric!

Have you got the button?
Do feel free to pop one on your blog!


  1. This is a great motivator for me. I'm sharing a gift I made last week. It's a Christmas angel. I'm planning on making at least 4 more. Wish me luck! Here is the link:

    Thanks for hosting this!

  2. deb this tutu looks adorable, but that shirt is awesome. i am curious about this heat transfer pencil you speak of. sounds so cool. im not home so i have not made anything yet, but perhaps after i get my sheets sorted out for the bee i can think about what i want to make and for who so i can try to get some things done. traditionally i do not even start thinking about christmas until after thanksgiving so this is going to be interesting. love the button and someone is going to be super lucky to win that cute fabric.

  3. You are going to have me sorted for Xmas in no time!

    Something I whipped up today - and I'm thinking I might make a tutu as well

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  5. November can be sane! Thank you for getting me going now!

    My first project is a stuffed bunny to match the bunny in Richard Scarey's "I am a Bunny." I'm giving the bunny and the book to my 18-month old niece for Christmas.

    Here is the link:

  6. I hope I'm not too late for week 1! Annmarie (one of the other participants) is my friend and we've been getting together to craft. By November, we'll be relaxing!

  7. oops, i realize I made my first project in what will be week 2, but couldn't figure out how to delete my comment. So please delete it and I will re-post in in the correct week!


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