Friday, July 16, 2010

A quilt top for women's camp...

Each year at church we have a camp for women
a time to connect and reconnect
a time for refreshing.

We take gifts to share,
last year I have away a quilt.
(Because God loves us Outrageously)
This year I've made another one.

This quilt has windows in it (log cabins)
because as women we often hide how we feel
and forget that transparency = authenticity

I hope the new owner like it
whoever they are!


  1. The quilt fight that could ensue might not bring out our best Christian characteristics!!!

  2. That's such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing, in more ways than one!

  3. i love it, and i love that you find meaning in all of your quilts. someone is going to be very lucky

  4. I am sure that I would be blown over if it went to me! Who ever receives it will adore it!

  5. It is a beautiful quilt and how wonderful of you to give it away!


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