Thursday, July 8, 2010

Somedays are better once they are over!

With a bunch of calories for dessert!
I was working on a quilt today
that is just not working out well.

But tonight the playcentre mums are having a tea party!

With fine bone china and thrifted napkins

It's lovely to get out my cake plates!

And wash all the china cups!

Yes it's a lovely way to end a day!


  1. Sounds like the perfect ending to your day!!!

  2. oooH lovely. We are having a tea party for my daughter's birthday next weekend and I bought a red and white polka dot teapot, very much like the one in your photo - Lovin in very much!! Love all your china too!

  3. Have fun tonight. Did you see your blog is mentioned in the latest stitch newsletter :-)

  4. Clapping hands! Bravo! Reminds me of Irma Bombeck's advice - enjoy it TODAY!

  5. im gonna do a tea party for my daughters 1st bday it looks great. i really like the apple green and red colour combo on the quilt its lovely!!

  6. any day with a china cup is perfection!

  7. a tea party sounds like a great way to a not so great day. my friends and i used to have tea parties all of the time.

  8. ~pretty, pretty, pretty pictures~
    Greetings to a sister Artistic Mother!
    ~jodi shaw of Opened Door

  9. What a beautiful idea, and a beautiful butterfly cake plate! hope you had fun, I'm sure you did :)

  10. It was a lovely end to the day, and if those were the ingredients for the brownie no wonder it tasted amazing!


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