Monday, July 26, 2010

A splash of colour...

I read somewhere once that if you want your son to give flowers to his wife
you must make a fuss over any flowers he gives his mother!

I'm always happy with any offerings I receive
seeing as there are no flowers in our garden at the moment
I am very happy with this flower Roo picked on the way home yesterday!
See how short the stem is? the iced tea bottle is perfect for displaying it.


  1. That's really beautiful! I love the colour. Must be easy to make a fuss when he brings home something like that! Tell him Aunty loves flowers too...:)

  2. i have a special little dish for those kinds of short stemmed picked flowers...i think it is called a bud bowl or something like that....just the other day Mitch gave me a flowery weed that went straight in it and is still on the counter even though it is mostly dead.

  3. I'll have to remember that one. We use shot glasses for those short stemmed flowers here! They always have short stems :)


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