Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is what happens when your baby sleeps for four hours...

You buy books! I've just discovered The Book Depository, free, yes that's free shipping worldwide. I like Amazon but the postage kills it, it's about $25NZ for postage. This week my Craft Hope book arrived and  so quickly...

so today I ordered the Mini Quilt book I've been wanting, and there's a quilt a long at Whip-up which I thought would spur me along to make some of them. Mini quilts are a great way to try new techniques...

Then because I'm trying to put together a sashiko quilt I brought this one...
hopefully it will have some good patterns we can use!


  1. How good (evil) is the Book Depository!!!

  2. What a great tip, I've never heard of this site but I'm on my way there now byeeeee!


  4. Oh boy, it sounds like AR had better stop napping before you "break the bank!" ha!

  5. uh-oh.. free postage all over the world? Goodbye Amazon, its been lovely really it has.. but i think we've outgrown each other....

  6. Love love love the Book Depository! I feel bad not buying from Fishpond but was more than happy to give Amazon and their insane shipping prices the kiss-off. And even better, you don't feel like you have to save up to get lots of books at once to make the shipping worthwhile - because there is none! The only drawback I can find is that they ship all the books separately and if your postie doesn't feel inclined to deliver them you end up making multiple runs to the pick-up office (which seems to happen A LOT these days for some reason, I think NZ Post must be trying to save money or something)


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