Monday, July 19, 2010

What I did today...

Well actually I woke up very early (thanks Annie-Rose), think 5.30am early, I made a hottie cover before breakfast for Chrissy's friend Jessica while I watched Annie-Rose and the Tour de France on TV out of an old blanket and a fat quarter of fabric...

I wonder if anyone wants a tutorial for one of these for Christmas??
It wouldn't be the thing for New Zealand or Australia,
but maybe my US friends might!!

Then, in the tiny amount of time Annie went to bed, I finished off two of these...

I'm in love with the Maple leaf....

How can you not love this??
Then I spent a lot of time playing with Annie...

She's so cute playing now,
I can't believe what she can do.
Look how smart she is!
Oh and I did just loads and loads of washing
and tidying and such like
{blah blah blah}
as you do on Mondays at home!!


  1. She's so adorable. I'm thankful I got to watch her grow on your lovely blog.

  2. i love to watch their little faces when they are playing and learning....of course this US friend would enjoy a tutorial for the water bottle cover. they are not common here but i bet i could find one. love the maple leaf

  3. you are productive! i love to see what you've been making. the hot water bottle cover is so cozy!


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