Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Winter School Holidays...

We went to a cycle park on Monday
(it's on Westburn Road if you live in Christchurch)
It's absolutely awesome!
It's all set up like proper little roads
with all the street signs and road markings.
It's one of those places to take a whole bunch of kids to.
They all charged around on their bikes and had a fantastic time.
Even the tiny ones had fun.
After seeing Archie on his bike
I hope I win the one I want for Annie on Trademe!
And what is better at the end of the day
than a warm bath in front of the fire??

Actually one of the neighbour's sons had a nasty accident
and had surgery to remove two teeth and sew up his gum.
I have a new appreciation of mothers of twins!!!
These two had so much fun together.
(The big brother is on the mend)


  1. oh goodness i don't think i have seen anything as cute as those two in the bath together. so cute....that bike park sounds amazing. wish there were some like that here in the states

  2. Thanks for revealing the address of the elusive cycle park. I heard about this years ago and have never actually found out where it was until now. I was thinking maybe it was a Christchurch urban myth!

    Such a cute pic of the kids in the bath :)

  3. love that little a mum of twins...the trickiest age is when they start to find their feet..lucky for me my boy twin was and still is wonderful!!!!so is she, but back then it was the girl one that loved to run!!!!...twins are fun!!!xxx


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