Monday, August 30, 2010

Girly girl...

Finally this baby is feeling well I think.
She's discovered JEWELLERY

and she loves it!

Does anyone have an opinion on babies wearing necklaces?
Shall I make her one with elastic?
Should it have little beads (easier to swallow)
or big beads??

It used to be a bit no no, but now it seems
every second baby is wearing one of those amber necklaces
Advice wanted please!


  1. Cuuuuuuuuuuute!

    Punk had an amber necklace when she was wee but they are only to be worn under supervision - I don't know if it helped her teething or not but it was CUTE.

    Whatever you make her should be fine as long as she doesn't go for naps or play by herself with it on, because if you are around when she snaps it into a gazillion little pieces (...and lets face it, that is what babies DO...), you're there to ensure the next step is nae a nice beady snack... ;)

  2. why not wear a are not going to let her choke on anything...and clearly she loves it a lot. How adorable that she found the jewels!!!

  3. Oh do be careful. I have three daughters and they can get caught in the darnedest places when they have dangling things on. She is so adorable.

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  5. I think it's fine as long as you are sure you will be completely diligent with supervision and there are no beads when you are not around, cause you would never forgive yourself if anything happened! Also, what a lovely blog you have - your patchworks are completely inspiring!

  6. Too cute, pleased she's feeling better.

    The amber necklaces have each bead knotted on separately so that if they do break all the beads don't fall off and I'd be inclined to look at a magnetic clasp on it so if it does get caught it will just let go.

    As for the size of the beads my brother would have been a similar age when he swallowed a macramé bead which ended up stuck in his throat (he's fine now) so neither size is going to be any safer than the other.

  7. My daughter wears an amber necklace, the beads are knotted so they don't all fall off if it snaps, the beads are small enough to swallow so that she doesn't choke if one ends up in her mouth, amber is harmless if swallowed as it is a resin not a stone.
    As she has an elder sister she has always got her beads and bracelets on around the house, she loves dressing up.
    Jacey x


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