Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Good Day is a Day with a Trip to The Thift Store!

Annie had such a good day yesterday, she was so happy and full of beans and so much fun to hang out with. We went to the Sally Army in Woolston and scored some treasures. It's so much fun looking around to see what we could find.
These plates are possibly my best thrift store find ever. I paid $3 for 5 of them and they are so bright and so cute. Perfect for the first day of spring!
I loved this beaten up old jug too, Annie has just discovered the joy of pouring water, so this will be perfect for her. I must scrub out the water trough so she can play in it. It gets a bit (ahem, very!) slimy over winter.
We also spend a lot of time every day sorting through these animals. Annie-Rose LOVES them. She can spend ages sorting them out and playing with them. Yes we had a good day.

By the way if you are wondering about the complete lack of crafting on this blog, it's because I'm still knitting that jolly bikini. Oh such slow progress. Still our entry has to be in in two weeks, so I really have to get it done. Bear with me!


  1. She looks like such a "big kid!"

  2. OMG those plates are the bomb, no wonder they could be one of your best finds ever, I am stupid with jealousy!!! ;) HAPPY SPRING!!!!!

  3. Am I really getting a bikini for Christmas???? 278

  4. pouring water is so much fun...the anticipation of this bikini is killing me!!! sneak peek please!!!

  5. I took one of my sickies who had a day off school thrifting yesterday too and scored big time yay!!

    LOVE those plates! Gorgeous.

    and thanks for the email about reader :)

  6. When I saw this post title on my sidebar this morning I was so inspired that I set out thrift-shopping before I even read the post! I got some fuzzy felt for the Bug, some vintage sheets for sewing and a filing cabinet to help me with my 'day job'! Thanks for the inspiration, I needed that!


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