Monday, September 27, 2010

And the winner is...

So sorry peoples, I had more computer problems at the end of last week and had to send my computer away to the friendly computer man and so I forgot about the giveaway (my bad!).

Anyway the winner is Peggy from the intrigingly named blog "Pig Logs and 'tater berries"! Please email me Peggy and I'll get a wee parcel away to you! Thank you so much for all your suggestions and comments, they were awesome and really helpful.
I think it's awesome how we all encourage each other and find inspiration in all sorts of places! For myself, I think I got bogged down with that long-running project with a deadline and just working on one project made it harder for me! It actually helps me to have several projects on the go, weird eh!
Do you love the green button in the top picture? Anissa very generously gave some of her treasures to me. Thanks so much Anissa.


  1. OH thank you!! I had forgotten all about this giveaway and was pleasantly surprised to learn I had won.

    The name of the blog really does deserve an explanation... ha ha! When we first moved to Alaska our eldest referred to the largest piece of wood at the base of a tree after it had been felled as a "pig log" because it was so big and unweildy. "'taters " is what he said not fully ripened lignonberries tasted like so he started calling them "tater berries." He was 11 at the time... Now at 16 he scoffs at the idea of us still using the term but his younger brothers find it immensely amusing! :)

  2. you are so very welcome deb...gifting little pick me ups and beauty makes the world so much a better place i think! Thank YOU for the gift of the beautiful vintage sheeting and possibility to be part of the quilting bee...


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