Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dear Sharyn...

I remember so well the day you were born. It was the most exciting day of my life. I could not believe that I finally had a baby sister.
I'm so sorry I missed your birthday. Yesterday was pretty exciting too!

I can't believe all the stuff that has happened in one weekend. The earthquake, well that was incredible. And Annie has been so sick, but I'm sorry it all happened on the weekend we were going to celebrate you.
I just want you to know that I do celebrate you, every single time I think of you, I smile. My world is so much better because you are part of it.
I love having you as a sister so much.
I would pick you for a friend, if you weren't my sister.
So Sharyn, when you snuggle under the quilt I made you,
remember I made it with all my love!
And whereever you are in the world,
I'll always love you.

Kia Kaha
Be Strong


  1. What a fantastic sister you are! xo PS You win! i wanna make a quilt! :)

  2. Dear Deb,

    Thank you for your sweet, sweet post. And for posting cute pictures of me that Chrissy took. I love your quilt, and not just because it is very slimming (ha ha).

    You are the best big sister a girl could possibly have and not just because you make the cutest babies.

    Knowing that you love me is the best and it makes me smile all the time.



    P.S I have a use for the five birdcages I saw outside your house today - it's in a magazine and its totally awesome.

  3. You just made me cry. That is so sweet. I would always make things for Vickie too and she always appreciated them.

  4. this is the sweetest clearly are an amazing sister!! i am glad to see that you are still posting and hoping that you are all well. this quilt is so lovely, and the pictures you took are amazing.

  5. So sorry you missed your sister's birthday- a big week around your neck of the woods! It's such a beautiful quilt and I like the concept of "bound with Love".

  6. Today is Kylie's first anniversary too! I am sorry that things have gone haywire on you! I hope you can enjoy a late celebration!


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