Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grandma Knox's Forcer Biscuits...

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Years ago, before Google (how old am I??) I brought a plastic biscuit forcer to make Grandma Knox's forcer biscuits, but I couldn't make it work and I think it got thrown out.
But a while back Dana made some and I was impressed, so I've kept my eye open for one. The other day at the Sally Army I hit the jackpot and brought it home with me.
With a little help from the 14 year old who Goggled the how-tos, and we made cookies just like the Grandma I never met. I bet she would have loved the fact her great-grandchildren were making her cookies though.
And of course helping me clean up after!


  1. these look yummy, and they must have been if Annie licking that beater is any indication. i love that she has her beautiful beads on. is that a set you made her?

  2. Grandma Knox would have been over the moon to have met YOU let alone her Great Grandchildren.
    Please God would you show her this blog? Would that be ok???
    She would have no idea what a blog is, what a computer is but oh my! she would know about her forcer bics :)
    Thanx Deb


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