Thursday, September 30, 2010

Places I love: Sweet William...

I've brought a few prints from Shelley and Paula who blog together at Sweet William and I like them so much. Her work is so fresh and inspiring and full of lovely detail. I've brought prints for presents and also an alphabet for Annie-Rose's bedroom wall. I brought some of their dear little dolls who live in matchboxes and also the 2010 calendar which is amazing.
Everytime I contact them, they are always so friendly and helpful and so I asked Shelly if she would answer a few questions for me so that you can get to know her too and she was nice enough to oblige!
Can you tell me a little bit about you (married/children/dogs what have you):
I was born in South Africa. Then I was hauled all over the world with my parents and lived in lovely exotic places like Angola and Iran. France was perhaps the best. I married my High School sweetie, and we have two lovely girls, and a Bulldog and a Pug (several chickens and goldfish and bunny). We moved to NZ in 2007 - and we love it. Now we are building a house - and its very stressy but fun!

What do you best like to create?
Creating for me is always a bit of a liquid thing. I have moments of trying something, love it or hate it and either do more or give up completly. I think textiles and paper are my fav mediums. I I am usally drawn to the thing that I have never tried before. Embroidery will always be the thing that puts me into a warm fuzzy feeling though.

How do you go about the creative process (you know, lock the dog up, put some music on, or just do it at the kitchen bench!):
I need to be in the zone - the frustrating thing is I don't know when the zone will come. Sometimes I put time aside and I start tinkering - the juices are usually flowing at the most inconveneient times though - like late at night while I am falling asleep - but I find the best creative time is when I have a session with other creative types. I really love getting together with some friends, have a good craft session and a yak at the same time.

How do you find inspiration?
A good browse through the library, a wander through a gallery, and fossic through the fabric aisles at Spotlight and then a good hard trawl through the internet - so much yummy stuff on Flickr!

What do you like to do in your spare time (haha):
At the moment all spare time is taken up with trying to get a wee bit fitter (the 40th is coming up soon!) and planning for our new house.
What is your favourite print/item you have created?:

I think I am really chuffed with The Madonna and child Doll - she is such a lovely symbol of love and she is the first design that my sister and I did together....

My fav print is usally the one that is hot off the press...
loves print

Thanks Shelly so much for popping by. I just love your work. Now it's very reasonably priced and just lovely, so pop over to Etsy here or Felt here and pick up one for yourself or maybe a present (did you know it's 86 days till Christmas??)


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful works of art. I enjoy visiting your place here. Keep up the good work. Look forward to more "works in progress" - Marietta

  2. Hi Debbie, Paula here, Shelley's sister and other half of Sweet William, thanks for the lovely feature, it reads well and looks great. Thanks! Paula xx

  3. I absolutely adore sweet william's work. YUM!

  4. deb thanks for introducing us. i found the most perfect owl print for the babies new nursery

  5. I put them in my favorites on Etsy, going back to browse around. They have wonderful art. Thanks.

  6. Hi Deb,
    Thanks so much - you have always been so supportive - what a joy!
    x Shelley

  7. Deb - What an awesome feature! I discovered Sweet William when they put up that red heart print for sale on the Hearts for Haiti etsy shop and I loved it so much that I bought it! I would love to grab some more pieces of the artwork sometime. So many good ones . . .


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