Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tutorial for Simple Squares 12 1/2 inch block...

Ok all of you by now know that I love simple squares! Here's a simple block to make that some of you might like to whip up for the Earthquake Quilts! I worked out that 6 fat quarters will make 10 blocks which is awesome if you want to make a wee quilt for someone, or bulk out another project you are working on. These blocks and wonky stars together would make an awesome quilt.
So to make one block, cut one 2 1/2 inch strip off each of your fat quarters, or raid your scrap bin. I cut all my fat quarters into strips but for the purpose of this demonstration I sewed one strip from each fabric together.
Press and then cut into 2 1/2 inch strips. You get 8 strips actually.

If you are making just the one block turn each alternate strip around like the picture above.

Then sew then back together. Easy! This one has a definite pattern because I used some contrasting fabrics but I do think it looks better if they are all a bit even toned. It also helps if you are making a bunch of blocks because you get more mixture. Here's one I made for the 3x6 bee...
See? easy peasy. If you are making all your fat quarters into the 10 blocks, you just sew the strips in different orders and that is what makes the variation. Does this make sense?? This is my current favourite block, I just love the look of all the pieced fabrics!


  1. I love how easy you make it, I never quilt with squares cause the lines never match up. Perhaps I could do that. Thanks :-)

  2. this is great...so many colors can make this so versatile! thanks for sharing how to do this

  3. They look great Deb, posted the blocks today!

  4. Tons of thanks for that tute! That's now on my list of to-dos! Your "favorite" block is beautiful!

  5. Ooh, thank you for that tute. I am completely in love with that very last image - the colours make me swoon, they are that lovely!

  6. I really must have another go at quilting. My first go wasn't quite as easy or successful as I was hoping. Lovely fabric choices.

  7. OH my gosh this helps me SO MUCH.

  8. These blocks look fabulous! :o)
    Because I am still very new at quilting, I have a silly question ... how long are the 2 1/2" strips? Thanks! :o)
    Sincerely - Trish
    Ps. I am having a quilt top give a way on my blog and would love to have you over. :o)


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