Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elmer the Elephant Tutorial....

Remember this sweet little elephant I brought from Lora? He's such a sweetie that I thought he would be perfect to make some for the Softies for Mirabal. I had a couple of tries but have made a pattern that works now. Please email me deb at davidrobertson dot co dot nz and I'll email you the pdf. (If anyone knows how to attach a pdf to a blog, PLEASE let me know!!)
First cut two elephants and two pieces of fabric 2 x 5 inches.
I used a bit of old woolen trousers for my elephant.

 Sew all around the elephant, leaving a gap at the top.
Sew all around the rectangles leaving a gap at the top.
Clip the corners and turn right sides out
I top stitched the elephant's saddle.
Stuff the elephant and hand sew up the hole in his back.
Sew on his saddle.
I embroidered his ears with chain stitch and his eyes with french knots.
Isn't he cute! He's just perfect for little hands.


  1. oh, its so adorable!! that is so neat that you were able to make some more "elmers"... :)

  2. Very cute elephant! And I swear that I can smell the lilacs on your header/banner! Beautiful picture!

  3. Super cute elephant.
    And Deb, I've not visited your blog for a little while and I've just read about all your dramas and ill health. Hope little Annie is much better and that life gets a little calmer and 'normal' from here on in.
    Take care.
    Andi x

  4. What a cutie, im sure he will become much loved! Hope your girl is feeling better x

  5. Great elephant!
    ... thanks for the tute?

    BUT most importantly, how is Annie Rose?

  6. he is precious...i love the fabric you used.....

  7. Love the elephant. So cute.Love your new header.

  8. This is darling. I know how to attach a pdf to a self-hosted blog, but not on the free blogger version. I've seen other bloggers use scribd for this:

  9. he's so cute! my sister loves elephants, so i'll have to bookmark this and revisit it around her birthday. thanks for the tutorial.


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