Thursday, October 28, 2010

Favourite 4 Photos Friday

The Lovely Kate put her favourite 4 photos up today, and I thought I'd join in! I often have photos that don't quite make the blog! I love this action shot of my two littlest. It's just so cute. Yes Reuben does wear thermals as pjs, they are comfy I guess.
 This week I'm loving seeing flowers in everyone's garden. I picked these from my good friend and neighbour, Liz's garden.
 Often I find surprises on the camera. I love this one of my girls having fun together. There might be 17 years between them, but they love each other dearly.
 I took this picture at Playcentre this morning, I can't believe how tiny this little person looks at the Kai (food) table. She's still my baby....
I do have another child, remember? James, but he seems allergic to the camera. Teenage boys eh!


  1. Ha! One of mine seems to be allergic to the camera lately too. I love all your photos but especially the one of the biggest and littlest that was a surprise to you. You have a gorgeous family Ms Deb. X


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