Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flea Market finds this week...

 I was thrilled to bits with this lovely try this week
from the Sallys for $1, it was just what I wanted...
 to hold all the hot drink components in our cupboard by the kettle.
For some reason it always ends up looking a disaster.
 But hopefully this should help to keep it all neat and tidy.
Plus so pretty into the bargain.
I also got this awesome tim,
I'm not sure what its supposed to be for,
but I thought I might try and bake a cake in it.


  1. its a traditional brioche tin!!

  2. fun finds as always....we got a tin like that at our goodwill a few years ago and my hubs and Avery made a lighting fixture out of it along with an old colander.

  3. Lovely finds! Nowe you'll have to decide whether to make a brioche or a light fitting ;)


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