Friday, October 22, 2010

I know I've mentioned it before, but Fridays are awesome!

 Hanging out with my wee girl at Playcentre.
 Look at her, she's such a cutie!
 Thrifted treasures from my favourite shop, the Sally Army.
Quoits, lovely fabrics and a musical toy for Annie.
I also got this awesome picture,
mainly just because it reminded me of Vic.
I know she would love it.
Luckily Bubba #2 is a boy or I'd have to post it to her!

Here's a picture of David reading Annie his favourite book tonight
Another Robertson child initiated in the joys of
"Where the wild things are"
I'm so pleased I have a picture of this
even if the sofa back is covered in washing as per usual!

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  1. i love her in that little sweater vest!! Where the wild things are used to be one of my Avery's favorite's....when we got to the part about gnashing teeth, and terrible claws and eyes...she would act out every part very enthusiastically on the couch!


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