Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's so nice to be back at Playcentre again...

 Because Annie has been sick on and off for weeks, it seems ages since we went to Playcentre. She was so happy to be back and rushed around at first doing EVERYTHING!
This is Annie and her best-friend-in-all-the-world, Archie. They were "washing their hands" lol. Always feel a bit guilty about the water going down the drain.
 I loved the way Annie was so purposeful in all she did today. Here she is striding off to the sand pit with a watering can.
 Here she is conquering her fears of what she calls "oooh yuk" and having a good play in the nice warm slime.
And then she fell asleep. Luckily though this child number 4 can be transfered to bed, I don't know why she does and numbers 1-3 did not, but it's awesome. I'm catching up on some blog reading, listening to food TV and enjoying the peace and quiet.


  1. Awesome Deb - we were super glad to get back to Playcentre this week too!!! My number 4 doesn't transfer into bed where as 1-3 did!!!

  2. oh Deb, she is just precious. she is growing and changing so much!!! she is so cute! i love the action shots you got and i can only imagine how much fun playcenter must be

  3. looks like a lot of fun! It's nice watching her grow up - it reminds me how fascinating those first two years were. Elijah still transfers fine at night but not during the day - not bad for almost 4. I even managed to get him to have a nap this afternoon but I'm not really sure what time I should wake him - do not want a grumpy child!

    oh and that slime looks like fun but I doubt Elijah would go anywhere near - he won't even go in the sandpit at kindy :(

  4. Looks like she had the best time ever. No wonder she fell asleep on the way home. I love watching a sleeping child. I also love ignoring said sleeping child whilst doing other stuff like drinking tea and eating biscuits!

  5. Hoorah for making it back to Playcentre! And isn't it lovely when kids transfer without waking up?


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