Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Creative Space: Why I love it when Annie-Rose wakes at 5.30 am....

so Annie woke at 5 for a bottle and a cuddle
and after I had done that, I decided to stay up and sew this top together.

I absolulely love getting up early to work on a fun project.
I make a cup of hot tea and so enjoy some peace and quiet
with my thoughts and my sewing machine.
I think this is my absolutely favourite vintage sheet quilt yet.
Sorry I can't remember where I found the tutorial for it,
but if you want I can hunt it out in an old blog post!

Hurray for some Creative time!


  1. I need to do one of these! (so yes! Tute please)
    I adore your colour choices. I also need to give myself the gift of finishing something.
    Will you get an early night tonight then?

  2. Wow that looks stunning Deb, dont those old linens make the best quilts? Im itching to make another vintage sheet quilt , cant decide what !

  3. It's a lovely quilt, so colourful. I wish I could be that creative when my little monkey wakes at the crack of bird screech. x

  4. Wow so gorgeous! You have inspired me to get started on my vintage sheet quilt but I can't start anything till I've finished some more stuff! Isn't it great when the kids are up early! Apart from the lack of sleep it's a great time to get some stuff done!

  5. Wow!!! It is stunning. Good on you for the early start, so wish I was a morning person.

  6. Wonderful. I love early mornings too.

  7. I love the pattern you've used and thanks for the close up. I missed the detail of the circles without it and it really makes the quilt. I've off to mark it as a favourite for later.
    My Creative Space

  8. Wow, that is so gorgeous. The mass of colours just makes it. How long did it take you? It would take me an age to complete something like that.

  9. Stunning!
    I wish I loved early mornings. I really really do. But I don't. Just not who I am. I'm a night time person.

  10. creative time is awesome, though i am not sure about kids getting up at 5 in the morning....but i guess i better start getting used to that huh? this looks so lovely. you always do such an amazing job.

  11. wow!!!! this is so pretty! I love it. The colours and prints are so sweet - it looks like you've quilted sunlight. btw, have you read the Annie Rose books by Shirley Hughes?

  12. I wish my vintage sheets were as lovely as yours! Beautiful quilt.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Warm hugs,


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