Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Presents....

Last night I wrapped all our Christmas gifts.
I wrapped so many hand-made presents.
Presents I made in the depths of winter in July!
I made pjs and tutus, I made things I can't write about now
(Hi Melissa, Hi Katrina)

and things I can't take photos of and show you
but which are now wrapped all happy under the tree.
(Hi Jo, Hi Sharyn) 
I'm so glad that I worked away at this.
I always want to give handmade presents but I hate sewing
manically in November when the weather here is so lovely
and there is lots of fun things to do with the family.

I'm also really glad that I put it up as a challenge and for sure
I would not have done a present many many of those weeks.
And life did get in the way a few weeks even so
(Earthquakes, Ambulance trips anyone??)

To me Christmas is the time to show people that you love them
and my way of showing love is to make things!
I do hope all the special people in my life
feel very loved this Christmas.
I'd really like to thank all of you who joined me in this challenge.
Some of you made a few
and some of you made a lot of presents
(Hello Annabel!!)
It's been so awesome having you beavering away beside me.

I've given away a lot of fabric
and I know it's been used all over the place.
I have two more pieces to give away...
one to Holly and one to Annabel.
I think it's fitting that you two win as you have been the most
faithful gift makers.
(Please can you contact me with your
address, I lost them in the great laptop crash!!)
I have decided that I would like to do this again next year
but am just trying to figure out how it will work.
I was pretty bad a posting out packages this year.
Some of them took a looooong time to go!!

Anyway thanks so much for joining in
it's been great
and it makes my heart warm that under our tree
and yours are presents we have made.

God bless you all at Christmas!


  1. Deb, thanks so much for this challenge. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing everyone else's progress as well. PLUS, it really kept me motivated. I need to start wrapping all my gifts, too. It will feel really great to give so many handmade gifts!

  2. So many beautiful gifts! Thanks for the motivation, hopefully I'll get more gifts made next year!

  3. Marvellous, wonderful, inspiring... lots and lots of really happy adjectives all being directed your way. A true handmade Christmas and beautifully special as a result. x


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