Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Anonymous from Iowa...

Thank you for taking time to comment on my blog.
As you commented anonymously, I can't reply back to you
but I think you should know that, on the whole, 
my children are well cared for.
Generally speaking they eat three healthy meals a day
with all homemade dishes and home baking.
Yes it's true I do sew...
sometimes I get up very early
and other times I sew when they are asleep.
Rest assured they are not neglected.
I'm sure all of us are allowed the occasional lapses of judgment
parenting is not an exact science after all. 
From now on I'm going to close the option to post anonymous comments.
(Sorry mum, you are just going to have to find yourself a login!)
I do love getting comments and I don't mind criticism
but a bit of nasty anoyymousness doesn't go down well.
{rant over}


  1. How sad! Your children are clearly well cared for!

  2. Oh Deb, we all know how much you love your children. Some people just have to strike out with meanness. Go hug your kids.

  3. Are you serious! A fuss about those evil dehydrating noodles??! Puh-lease. There are thousands of children in this world who would be lucky to get that much lunch each day, and many more who would be better off with a mother such as you.

  4. Gosh, your kids usually have the most wonderful lunchboxes, truly I am jealous and curse the no sharing policy. I too have those days at the end of the grocery week where my family has been that little bit more hungry and eaten everything I've bought for lunches as snacks. At least your kids get fed, there's plenty who don't. It's disappointing that someone posted such a nasty message, especially anonymously

  5. Iowa didn't notice the homebaked biscuits .. clearly.

  6. I think you can safely discount any anonymous comments as being from some angry and unhappy loon, of which there are a depressing number online. Anyone with the courage of their convictions would not hide behind anonymity, what a cowardly and spiteful thing to do. Not that I think you have anything to be ashamed of in the first place! At least you sent something in, and even skipping a lunch isn't going to harm an otherwise healthy kid for goodness' sake. And it's not even like you were proud of the contents of the lunch box, why would anonymous in Iowa feel like they need to add to your guilt load? Oh that's right, because they're a nasty, unpleasant troll.

  7. Deb, clearly you are a good mama and your kids are loved immensely. Most likely Iowa had a very large chip on her shoulder!

  8. Oh dear, some people just cannot help themselves. None of us are perfect - not even you annonymous though you appear to think you are, I'm sorry to tell you that you have an enormous nasty streak you're gonna have to deal with).

    I'm sure you had the monster of all afternoon tea's waiting for him when he got home from school.

  9. What you sent was probably heathier than all the fast food people have no qualms about feeding their children!! I think that I am going to get a jump on annon. and disable her now!!! LOL!!



  10. ohh for goodness sake - why do they post behind the anonymous veil when they have something nasty to say. Don't they say we often criticise others for things we do ourselves - my bet is that Anonymous is feeling guilty for something they've done. I think if you were really neglecting your children then you wouldn't blog about it! Some people, huh?

    I think you know you can hold your head high on this one Deb - and teach your Mum to use the log in (my Mum still struggles with that!)

  11. my my my, i completely agree with the other posters here that have said that at least your lovely wee one was sent with something to eat. where we live they are talking about introducing a dinner meal into the public schools so that the children will be able to eat. they already offer breakfast and lunch. that's how well people are parenting around here.

    as far as your "support group" it sounds like another bit of contention for this person. that you have one and they do not.

    rant away, please because this person has gotten my ire up and i could go on a serious rant for you and the other mum's, like myself, who struggle everyday trying to provide the best of everything for their families. as you might be able to tell.

    i will quickly end with this and then shut up.
    you are fine. they are not...boo on them!

  12. Looked pretty tasty to me :o)
    I was in charge of my own lunch from a young age - you have seen some of the stuff I ate! I turned out okay (even if I do say do myself...)
    Up yours anon!

  13. I was so sad when I read this post, for you, that this anonymous person tried to do this to you! I agree with all of the other posters! I have been reading your blog long enough to have seen plenty of posts about what you feed your family...and it always looks wonderful! Don't let some person who is hiding in anonymity get to you! Shame on her/him!

  14. My Dad used to call people like that 'negative nellies' and it probably indicates a leetle bit of envy on their part.
    Gosh - I am terrified about school lunches next year when I send my son their for the first time. I have no idea what you school mums do for inspiration. I'm sure I'll have plenty of noodle days.
    I love coming to your blog Deb. It's a happy place. :o)

  15. What a meanie. I hope she isn't poisoning her own children with her negativity and judging ways. We really could do with less of those types in the world. I guess we should feel bad she doesn't know real motherhood. Her loss.

  16. seriously! what a horrible person.
    I read your 'lunch box' post with a sigh of relief, we all have days like that and I love that you were keeping it real.
    Ignore the nasty person who hides behind anonymity and remember there's lots of us out there who can relate and love visiting your blog.

  17. Hi deb, obviously this woman hasn't followed your blog otherwise she would know just how well you look after and love your family. Brush the nastyness off and enjoy the season.

  18. That person clearly has nothing better to do with their time and I hope their nastiness comes around and bites them back big time.
    Ignore all of that rubbish and just listen to what the rest of us have to say...if you can't put your name to it, then you shouldn't write it!!

  19. I agree with Andi's comment.
    I'm so pleased that I contributed to the worst lunch ever too. And truthfully, who wouldn't rather sew than bother about boring old food. X

  20. I am so sorry that some person decided to try and jump in and get all judgemental on you. Of course, what were her children doing while she felt the need to police the internet like a superior being???

    I taught school for years and saw kids with NO lunch too many times. Everybody has an off day.

  21. Deb that is so sad that someone has judged you so very badly. Knowing you and living near you I know what a wonderful mother you are. Your children are extremely well looked after and your household is a totally normal household. You amaze me how much you achieve and manage to fit into a normal day. Do not doubt yourself in any way what so ever!!!

  22. oooh I can not believe how big Annie Rose is getting. Obviously anonymous from Iowa hasn't really read your blog... because it's hard not to notice just how amazing you are as a mum. Your children are nutured and loved, and you have a heart of gold xxx

  23. Deb - once again you have chosen in your life to respond in a gracious and dignified manner when you could have chosen many other things. I salute you my friend for your great integrity. I am inspired by you in many ways and I love you lots. x

  24. I had to go back and read that post again. First time round I read it and smiled.. I love that you share those things as well as the good things because that's what life is like! And anyone pretending otherwise is lying.. We all have those moments and while maybe that wasn't the most nutritional one that day, it was still funny! So thank you for sharing!

    I have been reading your blog for a while and everybody who does KNOWS that your children are NOT neglected. On the contrary, they are lucky with all the love and care you obviously give them!

    So don't fret about it. If anonymous from Iowa was seriously meaning to make a constructive comment to help you (always trying to find the most positive spin on things), I think the first thing to do is to ditch the anonymous and get a name to the comment. In that way, we all can support, commisserate, rejoice and share together. Because Iowa... slinging mud at someone is never constructive. Criticism can be helpful, but discussion is a two way road!

  25. know the mum, know the children, know they didn't make childhood that awesome back in my day! Iowa should not be packing lunch boxes, she should be in one as she is a nutbar, a fruit loop and well it doesn't work quite the same but clearly a sandwich short of a picnic. Deb kindly shared her adored children's food with me after my op and seriously I have never eaten so well...if it is possible to be TOO well cared for then that would be the only prob little annie'd have. and as for having time for sewing, PUH-LEASE, you make time for the things that are important to you...just because I take the time to wipe after toileting does not mean that my work is neglected...just because deb spends some of her time sewing DOES NOT mean that her kids do not get enough time - p.s. have they not noticed that most of the sewing is for the kids? seriously...chill out. Human's are capable of having more than one thing in their life.

  26. Well after reading all the other comments I'm sure you feeling all the bloggy love now for you. I am reminded of that old saying which I say to my girls, "If you haven't got anything nice to say don't say anything". You are a great Mum Deb and we all have bad days and are not perfect.

  27. All Iowa needed was to have actually looked back through your blogs, to tell that your kids are quite happy and well cared for.

    Good for you, to stand up to him/her.

    ~ Meagan

  28. Some people are idiots and have no real lives, so must make drama online in order to feel special.

  29. What the WHAT? Clearly "Iowa" either has no children or... I have no idea what other options there are that could make someone make such a moronic statement. I live in the state next door to Iowa, so I'll stick my tongue out in their general direction.

  30. Never for one moment in reading your blog over the last year or so, have I thought your kids were neglected. All parents raise their kids the best way they can, when they can. Stuff happens, even when one is enjoying life.

    My mom was a single mom with 4 teenagers, three who caused her alot of pain, and me with my sassy mouth, letting her know she wasn't parenting well...yes I did. And you know what? She washed my mouth out with soap(many, many times) and on occasion slapped my face or got out the paddle and warmed up my behind. That is what they did in the "old" days.

    I grew up to be a wonderful daughter and mother...as per my Mom. And I too was a single mom for over 17 years.

    You just keep being the parent you are Deb, God made you just the way he wanted you, dont for one moment apologize for what another thinks you aren't doing.

    Besides, my 22 year old college student lives on those noodles, and on rare occasion I can get him to add some veggies to them.


  31. How upsetting that someone would post something so negative! Personally, my son gets school lunch and its not much healthier then what you sent. And kids LOVE (ramen) noodles! Also, its not like you do it every day. Dont stress the negative, and embrace that the rest of us understand how difficult it is being a mother and know that not everyone is perfect all the time!!


  32. methinks 'anonymous from iowa' needs a bag of chips.....might cure their random acts of spite..
    youre an awesome mum Deb and your family is fabulous (no bias obviously!), much love xxx
    p.s. did Elizabeth really call the health dept??? she's awesome!LOL xx

  33. I can't believe that someone took the time to make such a gutless comment. Anonymous?????? Really! I love reading your very real blog.

  34. Deb! I am absolutely NOT missing this chance to weigh in on Anonymous-Non-Crafter-Who-Needs-A-Hobby-In-Order-to-Understand-that-Motherhood's-Goal-Is-Not-Perfection. It's our life of Making that makes us ease into the reality that we're not here to do things perfectly--that all undertakings require patience, flexibility that it won't turn out quite like we planned but sometimes it will turn out better, that our leaning in and persisting to create beauty will ultimately take us where we want to be. And THESE lessons are life realities are the things that make us better mothers. I shake my head at any mother who shakes a finger at another. We need to stand in solidarity that being a mo(u)m is the most difficult job we've ever tried and we are allowed imperfection. Plus: no kid ever keeled over from a tacky lunch. Yeesh. Anonymous needs a Time Out. In conclusion, I think you are wonderful and your making and honest parenting encourages me regularly.

  35. i love that you are real with what you share deb. that one anonymous person can take something out of context and have a go at you says much about them and nothing about you. You are an amazing mama, that shines through very clearly for me.


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