Thursday, December 9, 2010

This week I've learned...

I'm stealing this from Maxabella (she does it on Fridays!)
just because the week is nearly over...
(she can have it back tomorrow!)

This week I've learned that lots of people read my blog
and get who I am.
I've learned that sometimes you can let the 8 year old sleep till 8.15
and he will still be ready for school by 8.30
(what's with that?)

Sometimes you can try to be too organised
the dinner you cook on Sunday for tea on Monday,
won't taste great on Tuesday.

You can never have too many photos
of a beautiful baby creating works of art!

I'll be back Monday with the final
of a Present a Week {till Christmas}
I'm going to give away 2 half metres of fabric
so there's still time to enter your Christmas project.


  1. Gorgeous photos of Annie-Rose making a beautiful painting =)

  2. Totally love your post! The pictures are great! Wait til the teen years, they can be ready in 3 minutes when they want, and when they don't want... 3 hours! LOL
    As for the photo part... since having grandchildren I have never been more thankful for a digital camera - I wish when my children were young we had had one!! I have more pictures of my 3 yr old granddaughter & 2 month old grandson since their birth then I do of all my 3 girls growing up through all their years!
    Happy Sewing & Happy Living!! :)

  3. It has been so fun watching Annie Rose doing things in your photos. She doesn't seem quite sure yet which hand she wants to use. I notice weird things like that because my son is a lefty thanks to me. Grandma tried so hard to make him a righty.

    Enjoy your weekend with your family.


  4. How concentrated she is....Lovely pictures.

  5. Testing testing testing.
    Thumb on the nose to you Iowa
    :) 278

  6. Now there is a happy artist in the making!

    Thanks for linking back to me! It's funny because this is the first week for AGES that I didn't do my learnings! I am so happy you carried on the tradition for me.

    Happy days, Deb. x


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