Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today at my house...

Loving my littliest chicken.
Isn't she such a cute little urchin?? 
I've been asked to decorate and manage an afternoon tea
for a wedding in 1950's style.
This plate will do nicely thank you.

Been sorting through all my bee blocks.
I have enough from the 3 x 6 bee 2010 to make two quilts I think.

A great opshop find.. these linking letters.

A simple stitchery to go on a winter pinafore for Annie.

Our hearts are heavy thinking
of the folks in the devastating floods in Australia.
Our prayers to out to you.


  1. love that lion - am going to have to be on the look out for inspirational crafty ideas from now on - as I have (somewhat ill-advised agreed to particpate in that pay-it-forward thing that's going around :-)

  2. The lion is super cute - as well as your cute urchin!


  3. aww ur little one is darling!!! and the lion is brilliant... love! happy day! :)

  4. Looks like lots going on!! Hope y'all are safe and doing well.

  5. this 50's themed wedding tea sounds so great. that little urchin is as cute as can be. i love her eclectic style sense!!!

  6. I think my 3 x 6 bee quilt will probably fit my king size bed!


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