Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A peak at the Floral Frocks Quilt....

I've been wanting to make the Floral Frocks quilt
from The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking
for a while now. 
These should be the last terrible photos for a while
as I've got my camera back now
but I wanted to show this quilt.
I brought some fabrics from
the lovely Kirsty at Sew Pretty
and they were just perfect for my version of this quilt.

They are not exactly floral frocks, but definitely the kinda frocks Miss Annie-Rose would wear! I've got the feeling this will be a favourite of mine. Also just by the way, it's super fast to sew up. I had cut it out and waiting but I sewed the five main strips in two hours from 6am on Saturday morning before the rest of the family woke up! I can't wait till I get if back from Shenleigh and take some better photos.

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