Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I'm loving... (plus a 'last chance' reminder for the giveaway)

This week I'm loving...
This is the little bundle of goodness I got this week
for the giveaway. Ooooh it was hard to choose.
If you live in Christchurch, do go and visit Stitch
their fabrics are so fresh and lovely.
There's still time to enter I'll hopefully have time
to draw it tomorrow!

I've spent a few days sitting with a sick kidlet (or two)
and noticing the bright spots of yellow
which I love so much.
This quilt has been washed many times and still going strong!

Loving these old dishes and their buttery yellow colour!

Random yellow toys!

Loving my yellow knitting
this is going to be the cutiest hat for Annie

This old jug with the yellow roses!
And finally all my old china with their
cheery colours.


  1. I luuuurve yellow, it is such a cheery spring colour, but brings warmth to all other seasons as well, I must visit Stitch next time I am in Chch.. Enjoy your day Deb!

  2. Yellow is my most favourite colour - loving your sweet list!!

  3. Lovely group of photos, love stitch too : )

  4. all of this yellow is sunny and cheerful...something we are short of in the cold north right now. i love that yellow fabric on your kitchen wall too


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