Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Everything has changed really.
James decided to make a change to reflect it.
My blonde boy is now blue/black!
He looks a bit like Sonic the hedgehog now!
More changes tomorrow.


  1. Wow, he looks great! Some changes are for good obviously.

  2. it's only hair after all - it will grow back if he changes his mind (although he does look confident...hard to come by sometimes when you're a teen!).
    And it's always better than a tat!!

  3. I must agree with Cate.... and he does appear to really like the change he made especially with all the turmoil going on around and about him!

    Has school started back up? I think of you all daily and continue to keep you in our prayers....

  4. He loooks so good with this black hair and he is right, last time was a black time for you and your people.


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