Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A new day, a new school...

Yesterday we had a phone call from the school
Chrissy had applied to.
Within two hours we were buying school shoes.
And cardigans.
And off she went today.
She really enjoyed it even though it's so different.
I came the long way home
and cleaned the tear ducts on the way.

We're all a bit fragile really.
I just put Annie to bed and an after shock hit.
It sounds like a car hits the house... it's that loud.
And the whole place shook and stuff fell down.
She's on the sofa watching TV.
I'm so over it.


  1. 'We're all a bit fragile' you say. Deb, we don't know eachother but I've been reading here every now and then (can't even remember how i found your blog)and I want you to know I here in the Netherlands burn a candle for you guys far far away every day since that is the only thing I can do. Of course you're out of balance ! I only can try to imagine how it must be ...
    Hold on, keep your loved ones close !
    A big warm hug from overseas.

  2. I am so glad that Chrissy enjoyed her first day at the new school! How are James and Ruben doing? Will they be returning to school soon? And Chrissy looks quite lovely in her new cardigan and shoes! And I love her bag!

    After shocks... still?!? ugh!!! My dear I am so sorry.... And yes sometimes it does one good to take the long way home and have a good cry. I so wish you were not going through this still but know that I am thinking of you daily and most definitely lifting you all up in prayer. The apron hangs in kitchen where I can see it ever single day, even when it is not in use!

  3. I hope Chrissy had a good day at her new school, and her shoes are adorable.

    It is just awful that those aftershocks are still going on. You must be just absolutely numb by now. I can only hope that the earth finally settles and you can begin the process of healing. It must be so hard to just keep going, trying to do it normal when things are still so not normal.

    Still thinking of you every day.

  4. Still thinking of you and praying for you and your safety and peace of mind, Deb.

  5. Oh Deb big sigh!!

    Hve you managed to do any sewing, maybe a spot of hand stitching, its good for the soul.


  6. poor you guys! teka deep brethes! and feel better soon!! xx

  7. Congratulations to Chrissy on the new school! I hope the aftershocks end soon!

  8. I'm sure Chrissy will be well received she is a wonderful person. We're back on Monday and I have some little treats for you. Loving you M xx


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