Sunday, March 13, 2011

Opawa/St Martins Farmers Market

This morning before Church,
Reuben, Annie and I walked to a new local market.
There was a great mix of treats and good produce.
And a fantastic atmosphere.
I think everybody needs some fun right now
and this was a perfect distraction.
Annie and I ate a packet of these blueberries for breakfast.
They were delicious!!
Next time I go I'll take my shopping bag
and my vegetable money
and take time for a coffee from the cafe.

If you are looking for something to do on a sunday morning,
Fifield Terrace 9-12 is your place
(next to Rudoph Steiner School)


  1. how cute are those biscuits!!! I have a cutter like that - and have never used it...must give it a whirl now that I have some inspiration :-)

  2. ooooh I love markets, soooo much fun! Annie Rose sure looks to be enjoying herself!

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  4. We went too! Isn't it great. Our neighbors are the organizers. Did you go early? We went mid morning by which time there was a 40min wait on the coffees, they said they will get a few coffee cart businesses to come along also...great idea! Loved walking down and bumping into so many familiar faces. Will def be regulars, loving afternoon church!

  5. oooh, those blueberries for breakfast sound like a great way to start the day x

  6. Hope, life has become a bit normal for you and your family. Hugs Baukje

  7. this looks like a really lovely thing to do on a sunday morning...something normal

  8. I love farmer's markets. We have one in my town every summer too, but it hasn't started yet - though the weather currently is perfect for such things.

  9. What a lovely morning! I'm glad you could have a nice peaceful outing. And those blueberries look delicious!


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