Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I'm loving...

This quilt (I want to make one)
I may have a stack of fabric on my cutting mat
just waiting!
Silly photos that magically appear on the Mac

The sweetest little Robertson

Meeting bloggers in real life
so so so exciting.

More silly faces.
You can't have too much laughter
in an uncertain and sad world can you now?


  1. Such a cutie your wee girl is! Love that you guys all got to meet - soooo cool!!!

  2. still loving that we got to all meet up!! think it was the highlight of my week :)
    And yes, I'm quite taken with your beautiful little girl. She is adorable

  3. never too much laughter...I am lovin some time to relax..oh, and always my

  4. Just so you know you are adorable too!

  5. Well, I am loving my new yoga class!

  6. Such fabulous photos! It's wonderful to see you finding joy in everyday living.

    I'm loving WARMTH visiting family in Nevada - it snowed so much at our house this morning that the town had to close down the schools for the day!

  7. And loving that little yellow cardi:)


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