Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thursday Thrifty Finds....

I had an Opshop date and a coffee with bloggy friends today.
More about that tomorrow.

But I got some great finds.
A box of crayons
and yellow knitting needles.

A beautiful doilley I want to post to Tiny Happy
and some zips for me to finally practice on.

A cute dress pattern for Annie
and a sweet book.

Oh an a beautiful vintage sheet.
Great finds!!


  1. Very nice finds - great photos too!

  2. I ended up going back across the road after coffee and making some more purchases... no longer an op shop virgin! Was great meeting you, can't wait to meet up again.

  3. ah, I had to focus hard to notice anything but that sheet - it is lovely!

  4. I too have been visiting the charity shops this week, not got such good things as you though. I love the doilley. Pop up the photos of what you make with the zips. Jo xx

  5. I was waiting for the vintage sheet - it is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours. btw, I love your little girl's name - Annie Rose - makes me think of the lovely Shirley Hughes books about Alfie and Annie Rose. Ah to have a little one again, bliss!

  6. Looooooooooove the sheet! Awesome finds my dear!


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