Friday, April 1, 2011

for better for worse...

bringing up kids is like riding a roller coaster sometimes

there's good days and bad days 
there's laughter and tears 
hold on to the good times...
they give you hope
during the not so great times!

Have a great weekend xxx


  1. Gorgeous photos Deb!
    You are truly blessed with your 4.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend. X

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  3. Great picture of your family!

  4. beautiful kids deb...thanks for popping by my blog and reading the story about my twins...just letting you know I have posted 2 more episodes, and i will be posting the last 2 tomorrow...just wanted it all up and out there....take care and have a great

  5. What a great family you have, you are so lucky.
    jo xx

  6. Deb my favourite saying which I have at home is "Raising kids is like nailing poached eggs to a tree", sums it up really.

  7. Great shots! I hope they all end up in a frame together.


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