Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's been a big week!
Poor little Annie-Rose had her giant tonsils and adenoids
removed on Tuesday.

It's so hard for little people
to have surgery.
It's all scary and sore
and they don't know why!

She's definitely getting better though
and I'm sure that being able to breath
properly helps.

Her voice has completely changed,
it's all high pitched now
and her speech is heaps clearer.
We hadn't realise it would make a difference.
I kinda miss her deep truckie voice though.

In keeping with the family tradition
she got a new soft toy,
meet "Tonsils" the rabbit!

On other news Spotlight has reopened.
It made me so happy to go in and buy fabric today
it felt so normal.

James has gone to Easter Camp for the weekend
I just dropped him off
and when I came home his sleeping bag
was sitting on the deck.
Ah well. I guess he'll be ok.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. awwl Annie Rose looks so tiny on that big hospital bed. I had my tonsils out when I was little too and it's one of my first memories.
    So cool about spotlight! and whoops on the sleeping bag, this is our first Easter away from camp in years

  2. Glad miss annie is feeling better is so hard when you see them in pain.We are still waiting for my gdaughter miss4.5s eye op I am not looking forward to seeing her in pain either

  3. I hope Miss Annie is feeling tip top soon!!
    Yay for normality ... especially when it involved fabric ... SPOTTY fabric!!

  4. normal can be so exciting cant it!!!!my guy who is now 11 has terrible trouble with his tonsils and adnoids...they are huge and his voice is so nasal sounding he is really hard to understand..i took him to an ent specialist and theywere very against taking them out...he has s;leep apneas and everything...go figure!!!!

  5. I hope she recovers quickly and is back to her playful self - what a little sweetie!

  6. Good to see your little girl bouncing back : )

    Just looking at your blog, I hadn't realised Spotlight was open again, that normality again will be great!

  7. She looks so tiny in the bed. I hope she is back up and running around soon.

  8. Don't know how I missed this post??
    Poor wee poppet - ;'( I remember my lil man having surgery when he was 1 - it broke my heart that he didn't understand what was going on .. .. ..
    LOVING the new fabrics you purchased - actually I LOVE spotlight ::))
    Your quilts are simply gorgeous - I have NO idea where you find the time!
    Lots of love xxx


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