Monday, April 25, 2011

Love in a warm climate...

Sharyn has been here for Easter
and I nabbed some pictures off her camera....

Look at these beautiful girls all warm and sunshiny.
I miss summer already,
do you think we can skip winter to next spring?

Sharyn "accidentally" shipped these rocks to Australia.
Can you image the cost??
She's a funny girl.

Clearly she doesn't have teenagers who break her camera
these photos are so lovely.



This is their thrifted cutlery sitting on their table.
Such romance!

Such perfection.
Excuse me while I pop back to my real life
and fold laundry and fake something for dinner!


  1. Awesome pictures. LOVE their cutlery collection - so lovely. Glad you've had your lovelies for Easter. I'm hearing you on the washing...

  2. The cutlery is simply gorgeous - what a beautiful way of displaying . . .

  3. i love the cutlery in the jars too!! cute

  4. oh i love the silverware in the jar!


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