Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning in Autumn...

I'm glad I saved some lavender to remind me of the summer.

I've been cleaning and tidying like it's spring
every time I move a piece of furniture,
I find some broken glass or china.
Surely I must be at the end of it soon.

We have a cosy sitting room
now the sewing space has moved on!

Even the cat is happy with his new digs.

The sewing space has moved
and it is gradually getting sorted.

Winter is coming and it's nice to get ready.

By the way my email has finally completely broken
after trying many times, lol
so if you've commented lately or sent me an email,
I'm so sorry, I can't reply :(

I want to thank Rashon who sent me 
the loveliest parcel which brought tears to my eyes
for it's thoughtfulness.
I'm sorry I don't have your address
but I'm so so grateful.
Thank you all of you who have cared lately
I appreciate it more than I can say.
It's nice to know you are all out there!


  1. and it certainly feels wintery today doesn't it?! I am doing a big spring clean at the moment too, must be a post quake thing here in ch-ch as everyone tries to get some control over their lives again. Take care x

  2. Hi Deb!
    Spring clean... heading for winter, fresh snow on them there hills n mountains,
    hang in there, and come on over anytime you need a break!

  3. I'm spring cleaning as well! Although it IS spring here, so maybe that's not so odd. I'm doing one room a day, yesterday I did my sewing room-10x10 foot room took five hours! I love the result, now if I can only keep it that way, sigh.

    I think of you often and look forward to your blog updates, hang in there, normal (whatever that is) will return someday.

  4. The new spaces look great. I am doing the same thing - cleaning that is, but only because we have an inspection on Monday.

  5. And your cat looks happy too!!!


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