Sunday, April 3, 2011

This week....

I'm going to shift my sewing space into James' old bedroom
(he's moved out to a Man-Cave in the back yard)

Drink more Coffee

Bake Cakes

Adjust over and over again

Miss Annie-Rose turns Two!

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  1. Two! So big! Happy Birthday to her!

    ...I could do with a coffee that big this morning let me tell you! xx

  2. oh...2 is a fabulous age...have a happy

  3. Happy birthday to you Annie Rose. Our little Gus turned two last week. So sad in some ways but so exciting in others :) He really is turning into a little boy. We had a lovely party with the cutest cupcakes. Hope you have fun celebrating too.

  4. Happy Birthday Annie Rose! As for drinking more coffee, oh how I would love to, but husband and I are in throes of asking that each other should buy coffee beans on the way home from work, and now for four days, no one has bought coffee and there is no coffee to me made! Very frustrating :-) Hope this week brings some lovely gentle adjusting. It must be so hard.

  5. Happy birthday to Annie Rose. I love 2!

  6. hmmm drink more coffee, do stupid things faster!! A big happy birthday hug to Little Miss Annie-Rose!!!


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