Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today has been cancelled...

I'm sitting on my bed beside Miss Annie
who is playing on my iphone
and watching Dora
(is it just me or are those voices ANNOYING??)

She had a big seizure last night
and we had another trip in the ambulance.
We're all feeling jaded today. 

The good news is that another referral
is going through for her after the first one was declined
sometimes you just have to be dramatic about it
hey Annie-Rose.


  1. So sorry to hear, and I don't know what your daughter's deal is; but my 3YO son had one siezure and ride to the ER in the ambulance, and it was terrifying. Still no idea what caused it or if there will be more, but it's hard when it's your child. Best wishes, and that photo of her pulling the wagon is adorable! =)

  2. I am so sorry. We spent today in the ER, thankfully just for dehydration and no seizure. Will pray you get some answers and help!

  3. Oh the poor little poppet - but I'm glad a little melodrama had a good outcome...silver lining??

  4. bugger about the seizure but glad you got your referral, hope your day is a good one.


  5. Hope you find out what is going on soon. And re Dora - it's because she SHOUTS all the time : )

  6. oh dear Annie Rose. Praying it gets sorted asap xo

  7. Hugs - hope that you get some answers soon. Yay to being a drama queen and getting there attention (should not have to come to that though with little ones should it!)

  8. I hope they find a way to stop the seizures would be awful for you all.My hubby has had a couple (bad med mixture from Drs) and that was scary enough

  9. Glad shes ok, and i hope everthing works out! x

  10. Hi Deb,
    It's not just you about Dora the Explorer!
    Sorry to hear about your wee girl's seizures. We went through that with my third child - it's not nice. Hopefully, you'll get some good help.

  11. What do you mean the referral was declined? Surely they should at least make an assessment by actually SEEING her!!!!!! Sometime the health system gives me the SHITS!!!
    Sorry you are having to deal with all this ... including the painfully annoying Dora.
    Andi x

  12. Big, big love. Glad the referal is going through!! xxxxx and a big one for Annie-Rose X

  13. poor thing...i hope you all are resting and recovering today


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