Friday, April 29, 2011

A touch of the royal...

Well as it turned out
only the grinchiest grouch would not want to watch
the royal wedding last night, come on, really!
I mean what's not to love?
Nothing like a peep into colour and pageantry
sprinkled with the Union Jack.
Was there ever such a pretty flag??

We had a bit of a dress up
and a bit of fine china
and some wee treats
with our neighbourhood whanau!

Oh yes and some blue cheese
because it's royal you know!

And this morning I've woken up wishing
I had some red white and blue to stitch up.
Yes I do. This would work a treat I think.


  1. Hello from Cairns Australia!

    I love your blog, and have to admit that we did flick to watch the wedding too!

    We have Scottish and English heritage and are now happily settled in the better half of the world.
    Please drop past our blog and say hello when you have a minute.

  2. i was so excited to watch that i almost could not sleep the night before. it was perfect and amazing and moving. i love all the treats you made!!!


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