Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Quilt on another fence...

This quilt is for a young man who turns 18 today.
I decided a couple of weeks ago I wanted to make him a quilt.
I last made him one when he was about 9 
and a couple of years later he asked for extensions
and I made it bigger!

But I thought it was time for a new one!
I had 5 blocks from my 3 x 6 bee this year
which I was going to use for James
and I decided to go with those.

It's a perfectly simple manly quilt
with fantastic quilting by Shenleigh.

I can hardly believe that I stood in the middle of Colombo Street
and 8.45 in the morning and took these pictures.
This was the busiest street in Christchurch
and now it's deserted apart from men in fluro vests.
(I think we must be the fluro capital of the world)

Close up of the quilting.

Every kind of digger known to man
seems to be hanging out at Christchurch.
2000-10000 truck loads of rubble a day
are coming out of our town.

Where you see the AXON sign, used to be one 
of our favourite restaurants...
Cafe Valentino.

You can see all the broken windows in this building.

It's a war zone here!
I'm still using my ipod for these pictures
as I haven't heard yet about my SLR camera repair.

Anyway I'm stoked with how this quilt turned out
and I'm pretty sure Leim will like it! 

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  1. Looks awesome - you are being so productive. LOVE that photo of Annie on yesterdays post. She is ADORABLE!

  2. Love the colors Deb and the quilting is beautiful!

  3. That quilt really is simply stunning I love everything about it !! !! !!

  4. Wow your quilt looks amazing! I cannot believe you make them so quickly! I will have to get some lessons soon!

  5. That was whipped up quickly! Love the quilting on it. I'm sure he'll be chuffed with his quilt.

  6. I think a handmade quilt must be one of the most wonderful gifts to give and receive. So much thought and so much love.

  7. Leim is certainly going to love it! Really great quilting design.

  8. Great quilt - I guess the rebuild of Christchurch is a slow process!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  9. Such a good idea to to use the fenches. Your town is still a disaster, so sad.... And you are very productive, is also a healing process for you, I think.

  10. Great quilt, i have an 18 year old who has outgrown his first quilt too, I am in the process of doing him another one. Hope your fav restaurant is rebuilt soon!

  11. The colour are so perfectly boyish/manish. What a nice gift, =)
    At least the construction men are nice and friendly !

  12. Love your own burst of fluoro on the underside. Beautifuly unexpected.


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