Friday, May 6, 2011

D is for Dare to get up early [otherwise known as awesome finds early on a Saturday Morning]

The St Martins Pressy Church has one of the best fairs around
if not the best!

A couple of great tins
(you can never have too many)

A couple of baskets
(you can never have too many)

A collection of picture frames
which I plan to spray white
and fill with beautiful fabric!

Although this one is metal, is it bad to paint it??

A work in progress.
I have a weakness for them, ahem.
I think I'll get it framed
even though my framer thinks it's mad to.
Somehow I want to honour all the work someone has put in!
And as long as we keen on working it's ok.
It's the stopping and giving up that's the sad bit.

Also some games
and a bag of fabric.
Oh and a new friend,
at least I hope so.
(don't forget to email me deb!)

1 comment:

  1. Great finds :)
    I've just recently got into tins - I have a couple of fab Royal ones :)


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