Friday, May 13, 2011

Does anyone in the Uk love me enough to send me this??

I've just read Manda's review
it looks amazing.
If you live in the Uk, rush down to
Sainsburys or WHSmiths and get yourself a copy.
Go and look at Manda's pictures
honestly, this magazine looks like the ultimate crafty pics.


  1. I was thinking the same, and then noticed someone in NZ had asked on Facebook if we would be getting it here and they said soon but also supplied the link to the online version at Zinio. I think I might treat myself today! It's pretty cheap and will hold me over until it appears here in print form (if it's good that is)

  2. Are those little crochet apple cozies?!
    Oh my gosh I think i need that mag to!!

  3. i do! let me know if you want me to pop one in the post to you xxx

  4. Ooo - I'd love one too! Loving the apple cosies!


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