Monday, May 9, 2011

F is for the Farmers Market...

Most Sundays we go down to the local market
to get our fresh vegetables

It's so lovely first thing in the morning
talking to the stall holders and asking their advice
on how to cook this or that.

We've fallen in love with roasted beetroot
and I get it every week while it is in season.

If we have time we have a drink
and something yummy to eat.

Sometimes we even drag the teenagers out of bed!
and then we go off to Church.
A perfect Sunday Morning.


  1. Awesome!!! James looks delighted to be there!

  2. Yes, it is almost time for our Farmer's markets to open here too! I can't wait!

  3. We love roasted beetroot too!

  4. Love the picture of you and your family. Hugs Baukje

  5. i love to take a slow leisurely stroll through a farmers market and dream of this and that and what i would do with it if i brought it home. Soon i will be starting a CSA box of veg again. I can not wait


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