Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A bit of red paint makes all the difference...

Remember these frames that I got for $1 from the fair?
Well now they have a coat of red paint
and some new fabric insides
And they have a whole new lease of life.
It's not my original idea obviously
but it's a great idea!

I love a quick simple project 
to add some colour and joy to our home!

Edited to add: Paint used was Dulux Ruby Red
Quick Dry Spray Can
Interior/Exterior Enamel


  1. Oh they look great - will they adore your new sewing room?? Hope to see you tonight.

  2. Wow I love that! I have an old frame that I obtained from an opshop (okay I stole it) that I really want to do this with. Right now it has a slightly creepy print of God with baby Jesus on his knee.

  3. You stole a picture of God from an opshop - whoa, you'll be in trouble for that one. :)

  4. They look fantastic. I've just done that with a mirror, but not sure I love the red. What red did you use?? Sarah :)

  5. Ha ha. Technically, I stole it from outside the op shop. People shouldn't leave things lying around.

  6. GORGEOUS you really have given those frames a new lease of life

  7. They look awesome!! Just normal Acrylic paint?

  8. Awesome Deb. They look great.

  9. oh wow this looks amazing. i love the color


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